The Arab-African-European International Trade, Industry and services exhibition (ARNL Expo)

05-10-2017 t/m 06-10-2017

ARNL Expo is the first exhibition of it’s kind in the European continent in terms of specialization in economic and trade exchanges between Europe and the Arab world.

Investment opportunities in the Arab countries and the Netherlands.

1. Food Industries – Beverages
2. Clothes – Clothes for veiled women
3. Tourism, hotel and aviation services companies
4. Schools institutes and universities
5. Driving schools
6. Electrical and electronic tools
7. Offices and companies selling and renting cars and accessories
8. Construction, repair and restoration services, indoor and outdoor gardens and decorations
9. Employment and employment offices
10. Banks – Insurance and Exchange Companies
11. Transport, shipping and logistics offices
12. Media, advertising and media
13. Small and medium enterprises for professions and handicrafts
14. Restaurants and ready-made food

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