In addition to this top events facility, Eindhoven is characterized by a great number of big-city facilities and its pleasant, easy-going atmosphere. You can easily combine your visit to Beursgebouw with a visit to the city because of the wide range of possibilities.

Welcome to Eindhoven! Without a doubt Eindhoven is the most challenging city in the south of the Netherlands. This fifth big city in the Netherlands has everything to offer that makes life comfortable! A lively city centre with an enormous number of shops, uncountable bars and restaurants, nice bar terraces, a lively night-life, a well-filled events calendar and arts and culture of a very high standard! Eindhoven also has a rich history: this seemingly young and modern city is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands!

Be surprised by Eindhoven…

Have you become interested in what Eindhoven could have to offer to you? For more information of the city, sights, restaurants, museums, events, et cetera, please go This is Eindhoven.

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