Beursgebouw Catering is a crucial element for events at Beursgebouw Eindhoven. Beursgebouw Catering guarantees quality and customer satisfaction from small to international events!

Each event demands its own unique catering solution, from a basic service to a surprising or exclusive realisation of your catering requirements. Get acquainted with the wide choice of Beursgebouw Catering, tuned to the concept, target group and your own requirements as the organizer.

As well as letting our catering team or our external partners take care of the catering, your own catering solutions can also be discussed.

Beursgebouw Eindhoven is in possession of catering area’s and facilities that are totally renewed. These catering area’s and facilities are unique in multipurpose and modern of ambiance.

The next functionality’s can be facilitated:

– Restaurant (buffet & À la carte)
– Cafe
– Celebration- hall/ terrace
– Convention area

Furthermore we can also foresee your event of a “mobile catering solution”, placed throughout the location.

An impression of the atmosphere:

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