With Beursgebouw Eindhoven you do not only hire a top location, but also our service team will gladly offer you their know-how and extensive service range. These services have been put together in such a way that we can take a lot of work out of your hands when you are organizing an event. We could offer you the following advantages;

  • Fast service through “in-house” work
  • Strategic partnership with know-how in all areas of attention
  • Cost reductions through synergy

Beursgebouw guidance

During your first contact with Beursgebouw Eindhoven our account manager will thoroughly inform you of the options and conditions. We are also committed to providing you with intensive guidance before, during and after the event. Our account managers will supervise a perfect preparation and organization of your fair or event. They will share their extensive expertise with you and answer all your queries. And if you are not familiar with the location and the facilities or the possibilities, Beursgebouw Eindhoven also offers you intensive 1-on-1 guidance by an experienced and skilled facilities manager. In this way you will get the utmost from your investment and effort.

Beursgebouw organization

As each event demands an individual approach, the well-balanced mix of elements will create the perfect experience and a successful event! You as a host do not want get stuck in the worries of organizing your event? The Beursgebouw Organization Office is a skilled, experienced and service-oriented team which can take over a part of the organization of an event from you, or even the entire organization.

Beursgebouw facilities

Beursgebouw Eindhoven has managed to build an extensive and varied network over the years of its existence. This reliable network can provide you with all sorts of facilities you may require for your event. We would gladly think along with you and if you wish we can organize the right facilities for the right price.

Beursgebouw promotion

  • Website
    All events that take place at Beursgebouw will be posted on our website free of charge. The publication consists of the name and additional information of the event, a link to your own website, a logo and/or photo. The website of Beursgebouw Eindhoven is an excellent addition to your promotional activities.
  • Mega promotion
    We offer you the opportunity to give your event at this absolute top location in the Eindhoven city centre the maximum exposure and promotion to the thousands of people who pass this location on a daily basis. In co-operation with Get Bannered Beursgebouw Eindhoven offers you this unique possibility to get your message across to this target group. Maximum exposure, eye-catching positioning and the enormous sizes of the frames will certainly guarantee that your promotion banner gets noticed!
  • Press Support
    Beursgebouw Eindhoven offers you the opportunity to publish your event with ANP Press Support without the need of a subscription. ANP Press Support uses the ANP editorial office network for the distribution of press releases. Through the ANP Datanet and Medianet your press release will be guaranteed to reach:
    • all national and regional newspapers
    • all national and regional radio and TV stations
    • all broadcasting organizations
    • all ministries and various government bodies
Moreover your press release will be sent to organizations that are connected to ANP Infonet. These are mainly the larger companies, PR organizations, various local authorities, educational organizations and trade organizations. In total ANP Net has over 450 connections, which means that it has an unprecedented reach among people who cherish this information source!
Apart from this we can also play an advisory role in the further development of your promotional activities.